Foxeer Mini F722 V4 Pro FPV Flight Controller

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The Mini F722 V4 PRO Flight Controller by Foxeer features the latest F7 processing technology, STM32F722RET6, ICM-42688-P Gyro, and many other specs that make this 20x20 FC a winner!


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Foxeer Mini F722 V4 Pro FPV Flight Controller - 20x20mm

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FETtec FC G4 v1.7

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The FETtec FC G4 v1.7 features the latest STM32G4 processor. Providing unparalleled processing power to your aircraft. Along with an IIM-42652 SPI gyro, two 5v BECs, 6-27V (2-6S) power handling, and a host of other features, the G4 from FETtec is on the cutting edge of Flight Controller technology.

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