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Fat Shark is an FPV brand that creates a premium flying experience with your drone. Fat Shark made waves in the emerging drone industry with their clear and comfortable video goggles.

Previously, many pilots used FPV monitors or unwieldy and uncomfortable headsets. Fat Shark changed that. Now pilots fly in complete immersion with high fidelity OLED screens that give a clear FPV picture so you can see exactly where you are flying, crucial for racers and freestylers alike.


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The new Fat Shark Attitude V6 focuses on high definition with 1280 x 960 LCOS panels and adjustable diopters. In addition to the 39-degree field of view, the Attitude V6 has a selectable image ratio, an expanded display control menu, and a configurable power button. The Attitude V6 ships with analog diversity receivers and is fully compatible with the Shark Byte HD module future-proofing your FPV experience!


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