Drone Motors

It can be difficult to choose the right drone motors. Some motors are better suited for racing while others are better for stability. FPVSCAPE's motor selection focuses on multirotor motors for both drone racing and smooth freestyle cinematic motors.

T-Motor F80 PRO - 1900KV Motor
The latest F80 Pro series from T-Motor. These motors are mean and put out insane power! Designed for extreme racing and freestyle builds.
T-Motor MCK 2207.5 V3 1910KV Motor
Made in collaboration with one of the fastest FPV pilots in the world, MinChan Kim, the MCK 2207.5 V3 Motor from T-Motor is a fast-racing-motor made with premium components
Ethix Mr Steele Stout 2306 Motor V4 - 1750KV
Introducing the 4th iteration of the Mr. Steele Stout 6S motor! The ETHIX Mr. Steele Stout 2306 Motor is an absolute gem only increasing the weight by a tad over 1g from the previous model while achieving more power, efficiency, and most importantly durability.